Besides spare parts for our own Pnh melt pumps which are stocked and we also offer service for other melt pump brands.

Pnh parts fit into many pumps of other brands from Types PNH-X-22 to PNH-X-140. You can call us regarding your problem/requirement. If you would like your melt pump to be overhauled or repaired send it to Pnh. We will disassemble the pump, evaluate the extent of work needed, and quote an attractive price for the parts and time required.

Replacement Parts


For Pnh gear pumps, there are two standard gearing types as well as a few special gearing types with smaller or wider gear pumps or adjusted geometries. Straight and helical gearings are available to choose from for the pumps. Each of these gearing types has different properties that are important for the use of the gearing type.

Helical Gearing

Using our extensive experience and our range of state-of-the-art equipment, we will manufacture the very best quality ground helical gears anywhere. The helical gearing is mainly used as a standard gearing in polymer applications where a volume flow with the lowest possible pulsation is required. The helical gearing ensures simultaneously high product quality through its properties. This gearing can be used for applications with differential pressures up to 250 bar.

Spur Gearing

The spur is a standard gearing for our discharge melt pump. This gearing is distinguished through the non-existent axial thrust and has the best volumetric efficiency.

D – Bearings

Pnh is bearing manufacturers in different materials of construction like Tool Steel, Ni-Ag, and Nickel Aluminium Bronze. We can make and supply as per your requirement.

Bearings are one of the core components of gear pumps. The material and design must be carefully selected and coordinated with each other to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the pump.

Normally friction bearings are used in gear pumps. With this bearing type, the internal diameter is somewhat larger than the journals stored inside it. The transported medium penetrates into this small area through lubrication grooves through which a hydrodynamic lubrication film is established from the medium in the bearing. The shaft “floats” in the bearing. For friction bearings lubricated with media, it must be ensured that the lubricating film does not tear. Otherwise, the shaft can no longer be lubricated and it results in damage to shafts and bearings. This damage is normally irreparable and results in bearings and shafts having to be replaced.

Visco Seal

The Visco seal is the standard seal for Pnh Melt pumps. It can optionally have a heated or cooled design. This dynamic seal can also be used for high temperatures. The application area of seals is generally determined by the suction pressure and the viscosity of the pumped medium. The viscosity of the medium, however, may also be influenced by temperature.

The Visco seals have an internal spiral groove that is cut against the running direction of the pump shaft. This works like a small pump, Pushing all the polymer back into housing.

The Visco seals are available for fluids that are used for extrusion gear pump systems. The seal is contactless and dynamic. It has a simple design and has only one sealing part. A cooled model is available for the polymer extrusion industry is available and it is virtually maintenance-free.