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Pnh Melt Pump N Filters

Pnh Melt Pump n Filters is fully owned & operated by the Panchal family having more than 25 years of experience
in machine design and manufacturing.

We endeavor to stay ahead of our competitors through continuous innovation in our product designing and delivering customized engineering solutions. All pumps are manufactured with the highest precision tolerances and with the most suitable material to deliver the desired performance.

We are dedicated to provide personalized service with a commitment to customer satisfaction.


Besides spare parts for our own Pnh Melt Pumps which are stocked and we also offer service for other melt pump brands. Pnh parts fit into many pumps of other brands from sizes PNH-X-22 to PNH-X-140. You can call us regarding your problem/requirement. If you would like your melt pump to be overhauled or repaired send it to Pnh.

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//  PNH Applications Examples //

Extrusion Melt Pump Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Angola, Taiwan, Iran, Austria, Nigeria, China

// Operative Parameter //

Viscosity Up To 30,000 Pass
Temperature Up To 350°c
Inlet Pressure Up To 120 bar
Outlet Pressure Max 350 bar
Diff. Pressure Max 250 bar

// Technical Specification //

Housing & Cover Alloy Steel
Gear Shift Tool Steel (Imported)
Bearing Tool Steel (Imported), Nickle Aluminum Bronze
Shaft Seals (Visco Seal) Tool Steel (Imported), Nickle Aluminum Bronze
Pump Heating Electric
Types of Melt Gear Pump Spec. Capacity (cm.³/rev) Max. Output Plastics in General (kg/hr) Heating (KW)
PNH-X-22 4.7 30 0.5
PNH-X-28 10.2 60 1.0
PNH-X-36 25.6 130 1.6
PNH-X-45 46.3 200 2.4
PNH-X-56 92.6 350 3.6
PNH-X-70 176 600 5.0
PNH-X-90 371 1100 12.0
PNH-X-110 718 1700 16.0
PNH-X-140 1493 2700 30.0
Pnh Melt Pumps are ideal for such processes as:
Film Pipe Tubing Nonwoven Fibers
Sheet Coating Pelletizing
Profile Cable & Wire Melt Blown
Coextrusion Fiber Boosting
Nonwoven Blown Film
Examples of Materials Processed Include:

PNH Melt Pump N Filters combines over Twenty five years of design, engineering and manufacturing in the production of Melt Pumps and Filters.

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